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Around the world, hundreds of Psychedelic Societies meet regularly to provide peer education around psychedelics. Find your local community on the map/database below!

Do you lead a local psychedelic community group? Join the GPS network and add yours to the map.

Note: The organizations listed on this page are independently operated. The Global Psychedelic Society does not own or control any of these organizations. Please be sure to do your own vetting of communities you join, their leadership, and any information you receive.

The database above is publicly available, and while we encourage its use for informational purposes, all rights are reserved to the Global Psychedelic Society (GPS). We kindly request that individuals refrain from utilizing the data directly on their websites. Instead, we appreciate and encourage sharing the information by directing your audience to our official link. This not only respects our efforts in compiling and maintaining the data but also ensures accuracy and consistency.

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This database is a living document – let us know if you see an inaccuracy. To submit your psychedelic organization to the database apply here.

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