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Have a media offering (eg. movie, play, performance or comedy show) that you want to promote to psychedelic community leaders across the world?

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πŸ“‹ Register To Join Using This Google Form

Once we have your data we will build a landing page custom to you to track donations generated from your network.Β 

In a nutshell, GPS and its marketing partners keep 30% of every donation to support the campaign and our long term mission to support global psychedelic community. For more info see the Campaign One-Pager



πŸ‘ Follow GPS On Socials and Turn On IG Notifications (Do it now before you forget πŸ˜‰)

This is more than a shameless plug – we will be posting content you will want to repost to your audience to enhance your campaign. Consider following with both your org and personal account.



πŸ“ˆ Start Building A Donor Leads Database And Reaching Out Before You Launch

Crowdfunding typically requires some work on the front end. Creating a leads database is essential to seeing results.Β We suggest running through your personal and organizational chat history (Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, etc.) to start identifying those who may be interested in supporting your campaign to add to your database.

A few important things to keep in mind:

  • Loop in your friends and family to support. We challenge you to find at least 5-10 friends and family to promise to donate $5 or more and share your campaign via social media and email.Β Even small donations matter if the donor shares.Β 
  • Ask them directly to share. The average social share results in another $14-26 in donations.
  • The majority of the money may come from just a few well resourced individuals.Β Identify in your sheetΒ who believes in your mission and has resources, even if they are not the most engaged – the time to start courting them as now.Β 
  • Donations are about relationships. Make sure the potential donor is familiar with your work and trusts you before asking for support. You don’t want the relationship to be transactional. Rather you want to make them a real stakeholder.
  • Connect their support to clear deliverables. Have programming you would like to expand? Can you determine a price per person who benefits from your integration circles? Actives with clear results are often more attractive to donors than financing your day to day operations.



πŸ“Ή Send Us A Testimonial Video For Socials

Inspire others with a testimonial on why psychedelic community matters.

These videos will make a significant potion of our content strategy on Instagram.Β 

Here’s the basic format:

  • Start your video with “Psychedelic community matters to me because… “
  • Describe your life before psychedelic community
  • Describe your transformation
  • End with a statement “Thank you psychedelic community…”
  • Aim for <60 seconds

Don’t worry about editing and color – we will take care of that. Just make sure you’re well lit, your on the right microphone, and that there’s not a lot of background noise. 

Here’s an example:



✍️ Customize Your Direct Message and Email Templates for Launch

Use the following templates as a guide for building your campaign.

Keep in mind that all templates are made to be customized. You know your community better than we do.

For fast feedback, message the group thread on Signal, linking to your copy of this sheet with permissions that allow us to edit while tracking changes. (Share -> Anyone With Link -> Editor)

Direct Messages (Via What’sApp, Messenger, Telegram, Instagram DM, etc)

  • These will likely be your top revenue generating source unless you have a significant email list.
  • Be authentic. Our templates are just that, templates. Create your own template that fits you or our organization.
    Keep a copy and paste note for reference.Β Keep it as your point of truth and update as you learn what works.Β 
  • No response? Try again. If someone does not respond after the first message that’s ok – we’re all busy. Make sure to follow up in a couple days will a short and sweet message. Oftentimes these followups are expressing gratitude, showing success, and expanding on details from the first pitch. You can also add in more pressing info to make the message feel less pitchy eg. “Hope to see you at Tuesday’s integration circle!”

Campaign Email

  • Prepare your launch email in advance. Use the templates below.Β You will thank yourself.
  • HTML branded campaign emails look great, but many times plain text emails work better. Often time this takes the form of an email from one of the founders with a simple signature. These messages come off as more personal, and will be less likely to land in “Updates” or spam. Just make sure the ‘from’ and ‘reply-to’ address match.Β 
  • Keep the focus. Try to avoid adding the fundraiser into the bottom of an already packed email. If you want to see results, you should focus theΒ 
    HTML campaign emails never hurt. You’re better off sending too many emails than too few.

Aim for Recurring Donations

  • You’re better off having a donor give $5 monthly for a year than a one time $50 check, plus it’s less money up front for the donor.



🎀 Integrate The Fundraiser Into Your Events

Option 1: Host a Community Fundraising Event

  • This option is great for early stage societies
  • Charge more than you typically would, asking for a minimum recurring donation to your campaign to enter
  • Make the event desirable, with unique programming. Ask musicians and performers to contribute their work in part or in whole as a donation to the fundraiser.

Option 2: Host A VIP Fundraising Event

  • This is typically a more advanced strategy for organizations that already have some form of donor network.
  • A typical fundraising event takes the from of a VIP event showing donors your work, followed by a private meal. That said, play to your audience – a hikerodose experience could be a great alternative.Β 
  • Donations for a fundraising event typically happen before the event.Β 

Option 3: Mention The Fundraiser At Your Upcoming Events

  • Print a reminder to put by the door (templates coming soon) and encourage your audience at the end of every event to give something. Push for smaller recurring donations – you will make more and be able to budget better moving forward.

If you have questions or ideas, let us know in your Signal thread.



πŸš€ Launch With Us On Tuesday May 30th

For a successful launch we ask of you:

  • βœ…Β  Share the launch announcement video on all social platforms with editorial linking to your ambassador page.
  • βœ…Β  Start sending direct messages
  • βœ…Β  Send your first campaign email
That said, this is an ongoing campaign. Don’t judge your potential by the traction you see in your first few days. Many donors take a few touches to win over.



πŸ€– Help Us Hack The IG Algorithm #PsychedelicCommunityMatters

Monitor the GPS Signal Group for IG posts from GPS to boost. 

Simply do the following:

  • Watch the video completely (if applicable) and scroll to the bottom of the post 
  • Click on the comments
  • Like the post
  • Save the post  *Makes a big difference in the algorithm.
  • Comment tagging a friend or partner
  • Share the post as an IG Story using #PsychedelicCommunityMatters



✍️ Measure Your Results

Login to Gaia Gives using Google SSO and the email address you submitted to the Google Form to see the revenue you’ve generated. If you can’t login via Google SSO, let us know via Signal, and we will assign you a password.



πŸ₯³ Find GPS Match Funding and Earn Extra Credit

If you come across a significant donor who would be willing to give more to (1) provide match funding for the campaign or (2) give directly to support the GPS mission, we are happy to offer a 10% finders fee to your society in the form of grant support, capped at $15k per individual donor, per year.

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