GPS is bringing visibility and resources to local psychedelic communities worldwide.

Around the world, hundreds of Psychedelic Societies meet regularly to provide peer education and support around psychedelics. We empower these organizers with the resources to build and support their local communities with an inclusive, risk-reducing, and benefit-maximizing approach to advocacy, integration, and information.



Providing a container for community organizers to learn, grow, and establish best practices through weekly meetings and in-person events


Collecting and documenting best practices while exploring pressing topics in psychedelic community for both new and established organizations


Aggregating opportunities, teaching best practices, and advocating for sector-wide support


Connecting established psychedelic societies with earlier-stage communities to aid growth and capacity building

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With +300 organizations registered globally,  meaningful community connection might be closer than you think. Search our global map and database to find your tribe.

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*Work In Progress* This guide was written collaboratively with the input of close to 100 psychedelic community leaders. After years of development we are proud to compile this resource, an amalgamation of knowledge, experience, and resources from psychedelic society leaders, many of whom were the first to build such communities.

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